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A Love Across the Seas

My first time at a flea market was really memorable for me. I found a dress thought of having my daughter wear it came racing into my mind. I felt my heart quickened with excitement. It was a pink silky dress, just the right length for her full body. I thought she would look like a million bucks in it and it cost me just a few dollars. I know she would not be able to wear it because she is just far away from me. I in the US and she in the Philippines. On my second venture, I found a wondeful ring which I thought would look pretty on the fingers of my "nanay" (mom). She is a teacher back home and if there is a way I could get that on her finger I know she would look lovely. Again, distance is between. I sent a photo to my daughter and told her how I felt if I look at the dress on her. To my surprise she said now that she has grown a bit more, it will no longer fit her and the best thing to do about it is to sell, somebody else may have a better use for that gorgeous dress. Besides, she prefers jeans. My feelings got slightly bruised thinking if I was with her, I would have been able to see for myself how she is now a fully grown woman. Later that night, I shared this with a friend who said that it does make sense that if a thing still looks great to give or sell to someone who would need it far more.

I started my journey into selling pre loved things when I love to see these for my love ones across the seas. I started curating my collection out of love and I hope that people who buy from me experiences that love with even the smallest knick knack. A decor here or there would enliven my mom's busy desk. A little trinket might catch the eye of my son. - June (2017)


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